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Nuris Pomegranate juice squeezed from fresh pomegranates and pasteurized, nothing added, nothing taken away - pure 100% juice.

As scientic research is carried out by various organisations on pomegranates, this delicious refreshing fruit is gaining popularity all over the world.

As the result of our manufacturer’s state-of-the-art technology and the ideology of totally avoiding additives like colouring, flavour enhancing agents or preservatives, we can deliver this premium quality 100% juice with its unique flavour and natural nutritional values.

Please enjoy this delicious natural juice as a perfect base for cocktails as well!


100% Natural Pomegranate Juice (Pasteurised).

NO Added sugar, No Preservatives, No Flavor Additives, NOT From Concentrate.

Harvested, squeezed, bottled, pasteurised - that is all.

Currently available in 1 Litre glass bottles with tamper evident lids.

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